Latest Updates | September 2023


We remain steadfast in our continued commitment to inclusive education, academic excellence, innovative practices and school safety.

Please see some important information and reminders, which are included below:


Pick-up & drop-off near QMA

We are expecting some additional problems regarding parking around QMA due to the Katara International Hunting and Falcons Exhibition.  A large exhibition marquee has already been created in the main parking area in Katara. This will reduce the number of available parking spaces close to the Academy.

We suggest that you use the underground parking at Galleries Lafayette if you planning to stay at QMA for a longer period.

However, we are pleased to inform you that a pick-up and drop-off sign has been erected next to the QMA by Katara. This will enable parents/guardians to drop-off and pick up their children from their music lessons (limited to a maximum waiting time of 3-5 minutes).


Supervision of young students

Please note that as well as some spaces in the foyer, our school library will be also used as a supervised area for our younger students only when waiting between the lessons. The library will be open between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m., Sunday to Thursday.

Please note that children cannot be left unsupervised in classrooms or the foyer area any time.



Change of contact details - It is absolutely critical that the school is advised immediately of any changes to parent or emergency contact details (mobile phone numbers, addresses, etc). These become even more important if a child becomes suddenly unwell or if there is emergency situation.

Prompt contact with families can avoid a lot of distress and confusion.  

Please contact our school secretary, Ms. Naja Palakkodan immediately ( if your contact details have changed.


Mobile phone policy 

Please note that mobile phones can only be used in the foyer for searching and messaging. Parents are advised to make phone calls only when absolutely necessary.


Special Pass for parents wishing to attend their child’s individual music lesson    

Parents can attend their child’s individual lessons providing they obtain a Special Pass. In order to obtain this pass, the child’s teacher needs to be informed. They will then forward the parent’s name to security.


Dress code (students & parents)

Although we don’t have a strict dress code, we expect our students to wear modest clothing once in the building: this implies no shorts for older boys, and no mini-skirts or tank tops for older girls.

We would be grateful if parents coming to the Academy dress in a style that is sensitive to local culture.

Further details can be found on our website by clicking Family handbook, and reading section  6 (Policy and conduct).


Other notices

Once again, you can find all relevant information and notices on our school’s website, including our Family Handbook.

Please contact our Finance officer, Ms. Ikhtesar Fatma Masood ( if you need any further information regarding the fees.

For our part, QMA will continue to offer a modern, demanding, yet supportive and enjoyable music environment for all students to progress.


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