03 June 2024


At the 2024 QF Schools Commencement Ceremony, the Qatar Foundation Schools Choirs delivered a stunning performance featuring "Hul'muna," a song by distinguished Qatari artist Fahad Al Hajjaji and composer Houssein Abdallah, a teacher at Qatar Academy Doha.

The performance brought together choirs from Qatar Academy Doha, Qatar Academy Al Wakra, Qatar Academy Sidra, Qatar Academy Mesherib, Qatar Academy Al-Khor, Awsaj Academy, Tariq Bin Ziyad School, Acadameyati, and Qatar Music Academy. Led by QMA teacher Abdalla Mhoul and accompanied by teachers and students from Qatar Music Academy, the collaboration highlighted the musical talents fostered within Qatar Foundation schools.

This remarkable performance exemplified the strong community spirit among students and educators, adding a special touch to the ceremony and celebrating the students' dedication and hard work.