30 May 2024
Ivan Vaglarov's Students Shine at Violin Recital

On 30 May 2024, the Qatar Music Academy proudly hosted a violin recital in Room 412, showcasing the immense talent and dedication of Ivan Vaglarov's students. This captivating event brought together young musicians aged 6 to 16, including both academic and music-for-all students, to perform a diverse range of pieces and concertos from classical, romantic, and contemporary composers.

The recital began with Nai El Chafei performing "Long Long Ago" and "Allegro" by S. Suzuki, setting a delightful tone for the afternoon. This was followed by Nay Khalil's heartfelt rendition of "Ode to Joy" from Beethoven's Symphony No. 9, Op. 125, which resonated deeply with the audience. Ariella Gadri continued this theme with "Beethoven Boogie" from the same symphony, adding a modern twist to the classical masterpiece.

As the recital progressed, the audience was treated to an array of impressive performances. Lukas Semaan captivated everyone with the challenging "La Campanella" Theme by N. Paganini, while Lea Goh skillfully revisited Suzuki's "Long Long Ago" and "Allegro". Caoimhe Sheils transported the listeners to a mythical world with "The Legend of Ashitaka" by Shimazu, and Inoa Sheils' interpretation of "Tango Habanera" by B. Arens added a touch of rhythmic elegance.

The recital also featured the melodious "The Wind that Shakes the Barley" performed by Hana Choudhury and the charming "Little Dance No. 12" by A. Carse, brought to life by Talia Choudhury. Alia Hermez's execution of "Reigen No. 2" by N. Baklanova and Daniel Elassaad's rendition of Beethoven's "Contredanse No. 12" highlighted the versatility of the young performers.

One of the evening's highlights was Zeynep Durgut's performance of Paganini's "La Campanella" Theme, showcasing incredible technical prowess. Sara Sahin also delivered a beautiful version of Baklanova's "Reigen No. 2", followed by Alara Erman's lively "Redowa de Wallerstein No. 3" by C. Dancla. Aahana Karthikeyan's performance of the first movement "Allegro" from Mozart's Concerto No. 3 in G Major, KV.218, displayed both precision and emotion.

Diyar Merzah mesmerized the audience with the "Danse Espagnole" Op. 102 by B. Lagye, while Vasco Reis brought a unique American flavor with "Ragtime Annie", arranged by H. Jones. Loujaien Sassi's interpretation of Vivaldi's "Presto", the third movement from the Concerto in A Minor, and Ahmed Jouini's soulful "Melody from Orphee et Eurydice" by C. W. Gluck added further depth to the program.

Anna Maria Nasser's "Allegro" from the fourth movement of Genzmer's Sonatine No. 1 and Reyana Semaan's performance of the first movement "Allegro moderato" from Nardini's Concerto in E Minor, rounded off the recital with sophisticated flair.

The event culminated in a breathtaking display of skill and passion, earning a standing ovation from parents and students alike. The audience was deeply impressed by the remarkable progress demonstrated by all participants, a testament to the dedication and hard work instilled by Ivan Vaglarov and the Qatar Music Academy. This memorable recital not only highlighted the students' technical abilities but also their profound love for music, promising a bright future for these young musicians.