Friday, October 28, 2022


First Term Woodwind Recital
Western Music Department


Brass Recital | Students of Rita Rajz, Germán Díaz Blanco, and Thomas Gnausch | Western Music


Join us for our Western Music Department's first term woodwind recital, performed by the students of Rita Rajz, Germán Díaz Blanco, and Thomas Gnausch.



Assembly Hall, Qatar Music Academy

Building 8, Katara Cultural Village



1:00 - 2:00 p.m.


Program (Download Recital Program)


Kate Elklayany, flute



J. S. Bach

Ern Ee Law, flute

Frog Dance




Spring Song Duet



Zhiran He, flute

Country Walk



Sophia Haj Bakri, oboe


From Ich Liebe Dich


L. v. Beethoven


Etude in C Major


J. S. Bach

Klara Horeczky, flute



E. Köhler

Sebastian Borges Pinto, clarinet

Aiken Drum


Folk song


Kleiner March


W. Schneider

Shivam Nadkarni, clarinet

When the Saints


Folk song


Auld Lang Syne


Folk song

Sultan Al-Naama, clarinet

Sonata I for Two Bassoons




J. D. Braun


Accompanied by Ai Yabana Moser and Na Young Kim.