Terms and Conditions


  1. All students are required to pay the appropriate fees, as published on the QMA website.
  2. Exemptions: Qataris are exempt from tuition fees.
  3. Payment methods:
  4. Option 1: To pay with a debit or credit card at QMA reception, building 8, Katara.
  5. Schedule: QMA will accept payments during the period two weeks before and 10 days after the start of each term. Parents should ensure that the fees are paid by the published deadlines to avoid disruption of tuition. These deadlines will be published shortly.


  1. Advance payment discount: If tuition fees are paid fully in one single payment for the whole year before the determined date, an advance payment discount of 20% will apply. 
  2. Family discount: This is applicable if more than one sibling from the same family is enrolled at QMA.
    • 2.1 Siblings enrolled onto the higher course level will be charged 100%. If the fees are paid fully in advance, the early payment discount will also apply.
    • 2.2 All other siblings will receive a family discount of 50%.
    • 2.3 Example: If Brother A is enrolled onto the level 4 course and Sister B is enrolled onto the level 2 course, Brother A will pay 100% of the fees as he is on the higher course level.
  3. Those paying their fees in instalments are not eligible for any discounts.

Cancellations and refunds

  1. There is a grace period during the first two weeks of each term, during which parents can cancel their registration and receive a 100% refund. Note: if tuition fees have been paid fully in advance for the year, this grace period is only applicable during the first two weeks of each term.
  2. Lesson times are personally timetabled for each student, and teachers will receive payment regardless of whether students attend. Therefore, tuition fees for individual lessons cannot be refunded in any circumstance.

General guidelines

  1. Smoking is not permitted inside, or in the vicinity, of the building
  2. Pets are not allowed in the building at any time.
  3. The presence of a parent with any student aged under 10 years old is required during tuition. Parents of older children do not need to accompany them, although they are more than welcome to observe tuition.
  4. You are responsible for damage your child may cause whilst on QMA premises.
  5. If you drop your child off for classes, please ensure that you arrive on time for collection at the end of the class.
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