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Qatar Music Academy will offer a range of scholarships for students enrolling on the 2016-17 Academic Music Programme.

To download the full 2016- 17 QMA scholarship guidelines, please click here.

QMA Academic Music Programme Scholarship

The QMA Academic Music Programme Scholarship is offered to talented students and is based purely on the merits of their performance. The scholarship can be awarded for any instrument, however if the student opts to study a second additional instrument, then this will be charged at the full tuition rate. The scholarship award process varies according to whether a student is currently enrolled or is a new applicant:

QMA Instrument Scholarship

The QMA Instrument Scholarship is offered for students wishing to play specific instruments. For the 2016-17 Academic Music Programme, these instruments have been identified as the Nay, Oboe, French Horn, Viola and Trombone. The scholarship entitles the student to free tuition on one of these instruments, including theory and ensembles, as well as use of the instrument.

Scholarships will be renewed based on the following criteria:

QMA reserves the right to discontinue, cancel, and eliminate any scholarship based on the above mentioned criteria.

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